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DUSTER - Post-Apocalyptic Gaspunk Adventures in the West - RPG - EN

DUSTER - Post-Apocalyptic Gaspunk Adventures in the West - RPG - EN

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The game is simple to learn, quick to get started, but has a deep system for customizing your characters and exploring the massive world. Players will explore a dangerous future full of surprises, where every fight could be their last.

The world of DUSTER is set in the far-flung future, after our great grand-children destroyed the United States with nuclear bombs and weaponized viruses, and the massive Yellowstone caldera blackened the sky. Humans spent a lost age living under ashen skies, doing anything to survive for generations, and forgetting everything about the old world.

Even the count of years was lost.

But eventually, life scrabbled back, and bands of humans rebuilt a civilization of sorts. They looked to what we call the old west in their architecture and technology aesthetic, with a few exceptions — namely motorized vehicles.

Settlements became towns, and some towns became small cities. Daily life is still a struggle for survival. There is no government; no law. Vicious gangs prowl the desolate stretches between civilization, and there’s usually even more dangerous folks behind city walls. There’s also savagely evolved wildlife as well as brutally dangerous weather to contend with, and few know what horrors lie locked away, buried in the remnants of the old world...

It is in this fledgling world that the players find themselves, as powerful societies are just beginning to clash with each other once again…

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